ARS Biennial Report 2016

ARS Biennial Report 2016 (view/download report)

Intention of Report

The 2016 State of Recovery High Schools report is the first in a series of intended biennial publications from the Association of Recovery Schools (ARS). These reports aim to prepare and inspire starters and operators of recovery high schools to perform at their very best and directly contribute to the expanding body of principles, disciplines and tools that set the gold standard for educating and supporting students in recovery. In addition, each report presents the current landscape for recovery schools in the United States and highlights the latest research being undertaken by ARS to strengthen the expertise, resources and data-driven best practices that the organization looks to extend to recovery high schools through training, consulting and accreditation services. Overall, the State of Recovery High Schools is intended for those who advocate for the educational inclusion of youth recovery. Click here to read more!

State of Recovery High Schools

Every student in recovery is of value and worthy of an opportunity to be educated so they can heal, grow and ultimately discover how to live their very best life. While addiction thrives in isolation, recovery is a process of hope and healing that thrives in the positive peer communities of recovery schools. The 2016 State of Recovery High Schools is intended specifically for the broad and diverse network of advocates who work tirelessly to create a continuum of support for students transitioning in and out of recovery high schools.

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