Serenity Academy Chicago (SAC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit private high school, will be the first high school in the city providing youth ages 15-18 with the education and supports needed to reclaim the lives and futures they almost lost to substance use disorder.  The Board of Directors welcomes you to browse our website, please contact us for more information, or partner in our vision to open Chicago's Premier High School with Recovery informed Social and Emotional Developmental protective factors, enhancing Academic Success.

Adolescent substance abuse is on the rise nationwide. Overdose deaths from opiate use occur daily nationwide. Research reveals that children begin utilizing illicit drugs and alcohol by age ten, and they are at increased risk of dropping out of school, early involvement in the criminal justice system, and premature death. As part of the purposes of Serenity Academy Chicago, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit private high school, we plan to establish and operate one or more high schools with a focus on providing a high quality education to students in a safe, supportive environment that promotes sustained recovery from addiction and co-occurring conditions. There are 33 recovery high schools currently operating in the United States; Serenity Academy of Chicago will be the only such school to operate in Illinois.

2017 Annual Report

Mission Statement

The mission of Serenity Academy of Chicago is to provide a high-quality education in a healthy environment that promotes sustained, life-long recovery from addiction. Through an accredited curriculum, personalized instruction, professional and peer recovery support, the school nurtures, empowers, and affirms high school students, families, and the total school community. The school prepares high school students for post-secondary education that includes college or other career-based pathways.

Beliefs/Values Statements

We believe…


  • In developing each student’s leadership ability and character;
  • Fostering each student’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth;
  • Encouraging a community spirit among students, emphasizing the value of each student’s authentic voice;
  • Self-expression, self-exploration, and self-determination are integral to the curriculum and instruction of the school;
  • Students can grow in their recovery with or without family support;
  • In nurturing each student’s creativity, artistic talent, critical thinking skills, and vision;


  • Recovery is a total school process; personal recovery is valued by all;
  • A community of recovery;
  • The potential of each person to have life long recovery from addiction;
  • In a Partnership between schools and families;


  • Helping students developing a strong sense of their own identity;
  • Embracing and celebrating the differences that make all of us unique;

Care, Kindness, Compassion

  • Fostering unity, recovery & service, connecting students to a broader community of recovery;


  • Empowering families and communities;
  • In facilitating and empowering family recovery;

Faculty & Staff

  • A high quality staff with high expectations for themselves and students.
  • Each the member (support staff, educators, clinical staff and administrators) from having a role in promoting recovery;
  • In strong, collaborative faculty/staff-student relationships that provide opportunities for healthy relationships
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