Association of Recovery Schools

Serenity Academy of Chicago is a member of:

ARS Member

The Association of Recovery Schools, (ARS) is a registered 501 (c) 3, nonprofit organization comprised of recovery high schools as well as associate members and individuals who support the integral growth of the recovery high school movement.

At ARS, we prepare and inspire starters and operators of Recovery High Schools to perform at their very best. We believe that while addiction thrives in isolation, recovery is a process of hope and healing that thrives in the positive peer communities of recovery schools.Connected through principles, disciplines and tools that set the gold standard for educating and supporting students in recovery, we collaborate with a broad and diverse global network to advocate for a continuum of support and a readiness for student transition in and out of Recovery High Schools. We provide deep expertise, resources and data-driven best practices to Recovery High Schools through training, consulting and accreditation services, while serving as advocates for the educational inclusion of youth recovery.We believe that every student in recovery is of value and worthy of an opportunity to be educated so they can heal, grow and ultimately discover how to live their very best life.

ARS Mission:

We support and inspire recovery high schools for optimum performance, empowering hope and access to every student in recovery.

ARS Vision:

Our vision is expressed through a defined set of strategic pillars:

  • A quality accreditation process will position ARS as the resource for Recovery High Schools.
  • Training and consultation will be provided by ARS to meet current and emerging needs of its members.
  • Advocacy will focus on preparing ARS to influence national policies and equipping members to respond to local issues.
  • Investments in data collection will enable ARS to create best-in-class training and resources for the recovery school community.
  • Ease-of-access to resources will be a hallmark of ARS.
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