Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Serenity Academy Chicago, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, 100% of donations are used for school operations and management.  If you would like to donate by check or another venue or have any other questions about your donation, please contact us directly from our contact page or e-mail.

NOTE: Please specify your e-mail address in order for us to provide your receipt.  We also would like your phone number and address to personally thank you, but that information is not required.  Please review our Privacy Policy here. Below you may also learn more about how we will utilize our funding.

The requested funds will be used to:

  • Continue fundraising efforts
  • Secure a location for the school
  • Helping to cover salaries for:
    • A Principal to lead the development of the school’s academic and recovery curricula, hire staff, and prepare the school for its opening
    • Hire school staff and train them in the mission, principles and academic and recovery strategies used by the school.
  • Develop the technological infrastructure needed to support on-line learning and program evaluation and data collection efforts
  • Secure a contract with the Association of Recovery Schools for a formal Community Readiness Assessment (details below)

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