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The founders of Serenity Academy Chicago, Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC and Joseph Check, LCSW met at a field conference and shared their concerns related to substance use among Chicago's youth.  Data shows that 100% of recovering youth are offered substances from peers on their first day after returning from a treatment program. 


Aware of this alarming fact and familiar with the concept of a recovery high school, Mark and Joseph set out to learn more. After additional research, they shared their findings and the idea of building a recovery high school in Chicago with teachers, school administrators, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and other leaders in the community.  


Many joined the mission.  Most were exposed to someone struggling with a substance use disorder.  Others were in recovery themselves and had a personal interest in the work.  All were inspired by Mark and Joseph's passion for and  dedication to the kids.

Momentum was building and a movement was created!


Mark and Joseph's pioneering work allows us to encourage adolescents, parents, clinicians and our community to look forward to recovery stories full of experience, strength and hope from generations of students to come!

Explore our site to learn more and join us in our life-changing/life-saving mission!

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